The Six Days of Creation

Text from the poem “The Six Days of Creation” by James McAuley, music George Palmer.

Amelia Farrugia, soprano, The Willoughby Symphony Orchestra and Choir, conducted by Nicholas Milton. Recorded 9 and 10 October 2012 at The Concourse Performing Arts Centre, Chatswood, Sydney Australia. Producer: Thomas Grubb. Sound Engineer: Mark Edwards.

Commissioned for the opening of The Concourse Performing Arts Centre by The City of Willoughby and Ars Musica Australis.

Dedicated to Renee Goossens.






Looking into the Light (2012)

World premiere performance by Sydney Camerata at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on 18 May 2012.

Guest conductor: Luke Gilmour
Concertmaster: Liz Gormley
Artistic Director: Mathisha Panagoda

Concerto for Two Clarinets and Chamber Orchestra

Performers: Sydney Omega Ensemble
Recorded Music Workshop, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, 1 Nov 2008
Producer: Ralph Lane; Engineer: Andrew Dixon.

Concerto for Two Clarinets & Chamber Orchestra Omega Ensemble

Dimitri Ashkenazy & David Rowden soloists with the Omega Ensemble (Andrew Havoren, leader) – ABC Classics 481 4667
Available for purchase – Download from iTunes or ABC Shop

The Omega Ensemble recording Palmer's "Concerto for Two Clarinets and Chamber Orchestra - It Takes Two" for ABC Classics at the Eugene Goossens Hall, Sydney, on 26 September 2016, with soloists Dimitri Ashkenazy and David Rowden, and producer Victoria Read.

Clarinet Sonata (“Black, White and a little Blue”)

Performers: Mark van de Weil, clarinet, Michael Dussek, piano.
Recorded live at Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, York, UK, 3 November 2010.



Here is another wonderful performance of Black White & a Little Blue by two young Spanish artists, Francisco Jose Gil (Clarinet) & David Revuelta (Piano)


Sonata for Oboe and Piano

Performers: Ennes Mehmedbasic, oboe, Evgeny Uhanov, piano.
Recorded at Megaphon Studios, 16 April 2012.



Sonata for Clarinet and Piano

Performers: Francisco José Gil (clarinete) – David Revuelta (piano)
Venue: Video highlights of the concert held in Language Function (Madrid)

PART II: “Black, White and a Little Blue” Sonata.
1. Brightly min. 23:18
2. Moderato  min. 29:21
3. Lively min. 31:06

Mass “Benedictus Qui Venit”

Performers: Amelia Ferrugia (soprano), Andrew Goodwin (tenor), with massed choir, organ and orchestra, conducted by Benjamin Bayl.
Venue: Final Mass, World Youth Day 2008. Southern Cross Precinct (Randwick Racecourse and Centennial Park), Sydney, NSW, Australia.






Mass “Benedictus Qui Venit” Parish Setting:

A score and recording of the Parish Setting is available. The recording is by the choirs of St Ignatius College (Riverview) and Loreto Convent (Kirribilli) with organist, Christine Moriarty and conductor, Noel Debien. The recording includes the Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Acclamation, Amen and Agnus Dei and was engineered by Jonathan Palmer.

This recording is to assist congregations to learn the new work. The Parish Setting of the Mass will be introduced for use in parishes throughout Australia from February 2008.

CD: The Attraction of Opposites: The Music of George Palmer

Track listing:

  • Toccata for Double String Orchestra

Listen now:

Movement I [format: MP3 / size: 1.9Mb / duration: 2’04” (excerpt)]
Movement III [format: MP3 / size: 1.1Mb / duration: 1’10” (excerpt)]
Movement IV [format: MP3 / size: 2Mb / duration: 2’06” (excerpt)]
Movement VI [format: MP3 / size: 1.8Mb / duration: 2’00” (excerpt)]
Adrian Bendt (violin solo)

  • Waltz 1 (Au Coupe Chou)

Listen now:

Waltz 1 (Au Coupe Chou [format: MP3 / size: 2Mb / duration: 2’10” (excerpt)]
Adrian Bendt (violin solo)

  • Waltz 2
  • Threnody 1 (Supplication)
  • Threnody 2 (Consolation)
  • Vocalise for Alto Sax

Listen now:

Vocalise [format: MP3 / size: 2.8Mb / duration: 3’00” (excerpt)]
Andrew Robson (alto sax), Jonathon Zwartz (bass), Matthew McMahon (piano)

  • The Ruritanian Dances

Performers: The Cove Chamber Orchestra, conductor Stephen Williams.
Record Label and Catalogue Number: ABC Classics [ISBN 4762612]
Available from: ABC Shop

Notes: Following the screening of a very special episode of ABC TV’s Australian Story the ABC’s switchboards were inundated with requests for a recording of the music composed by the story’s subject: Justice George Palmer, a judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and a gifted composer. His music is instantly appealing and skilfully crafted. [Source: ABC Classics]
Listen now:

Dance 3 [format: MP3 / size: 1.4Mb / duration: 1’31” (excerpt)]

CD: George Palmer – Exaltate Dominum

Track listing:

  • Mass ‘A Child is Born’

Listen now:

Kyrie [format: MP3 / size: 1.8Mb / duration: 2’00” (excerpt)]
Alleluia [format: MP3 / size: 1.9Mb / duration: 2’04” (excerpt)]
Credo [format: MP3 / size: 1.9Mb / duration: 2’00” (excerpt)]
Sanctus [format: MP3 / size: 1Mb / duration: 1’06” (excerpt)]
Our Father [format: MP3 / size: 1.8Mb / duration: 1’57” (excerpt)]
Agnus Dei
Belinda Montgomery (soprano) and Paul McMahon (tenor)

  • Save us, O Lord
  • Three Psalms

Listen now:
Let the people praise You, O Lord (from Psalm 67)
Lord, I love Your commands (from Psalm 118)

The Lord is my Shepherd [format: MP3 / size: 2.1Mb / duration: 2’15” (excerpt)]
Cantor: Andrei Laptev (tenor) and David Drury (organ)

  • Prayer of St Ignatius

Listen now:

Prayer of St. Ignatius [format: MP3 / size: 1.8Mb / duration: 1’56” (excerpt)]
Performed by Cantillation and Sinfonia Australis, with Jane Sheldon (soprano)
and Paul McMahon (tenor), conducted by Paul Stanhope

  • The Canticles of Advent

Listen now:

Arise and Wake! [format: MP3 / size: 2Mb / duration: 2’15” (excerpt)]
A Lady Fair and Bright
What Ailes My Dear? [format: MP3 / size: 1.8Mb / duration: 2’00” (excerpt)]*
The Falcon [format: MP3 / size: 1.6Mb / duration: 1’41” (excerpt)]
*Alison Morgan (soprano); ** Nicole Thompson (soprano)

Performers: Cantillation, Sinfonia Australis, cond. by Paul Stanhope & Philip Chu
Record Label and Catalogue Number: ABC Classics (released 2007)
Available from: ABC Shop and iTunes Music Store

Notes: George Palmer shot to fame after an ABC TV Australian Story about this NSW Supreme Court judge who also composes music. Following the success of his first ABC Classics CD ‘The Attraction of Opposites’ this sequel shows off his ability to compose in the choral tradition, containing a full scale Mass and several motets and psalms performed by Australia’s premier chorus, Cantillation. [Source: ABC Classics]

CD: Letters From A Black Snake

Track listing:

  • Song Cycle for Baritone and Piano – “Letters From A Black Snake”

Listen now:
I. Sergeant Babington (4’28”)

II. I Have Been Wronged [format: MP3 / size: 2.7Mb / duration: 2’53”]
III. Bullock Creek [format: MP3 / size: 3.1Mb / duration: 3’23”]
IV. The Murder [format: MP3 / size: 4.5Mb / duration: 4’54”]
V. In Conclusion (6’13”)

Performed by Douglas Macrae (Baritone) and Jem Harding (piano)

Notes: This song cycle was commissioned by Ernst & Young to mark the opening of a major retrospective of the works of Sidney Nolan, perhaps Australia’s best known artist, and was performed at the New South Wales State Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Victoria. The text is taken from the letters of Ned Kelly, Australia’s most notorious bushranger, who was hanged in Melbourne Gaol in 1880. Nolan identified himself with Kelly and painted a series of pictures of episodes in Kelly’s saga which have become icons of Australian art.

CD: Not Going Quietly

Track listing:

  • String Quintet – “Not Going Quietly”

Listen now:

Movement i [format: MP3 / size: 5.1Mb / duration: 5’35”]
Movement ii [format: MP3 / size: 4.1Mb / duration: 4’25”]
Movement iii [format: MP3 / size: 5.5Mb / duration: 5’57”]

Performers: The Sydney Omega Ensemble [Recorded: 16 September, 2007, at Paddington Uniting Church, Sydney, in the presence of Her Excellency The Governor of New South Wales].

Notes: This quintet was written in memory of Aaron McMillan, a brilliant young Australian concert pianist who died of a brain tumor at the age of 30 in 2006. His life was an inspiration to many people and is recorded in a moving and powerful book, “Life In His Hands”, by Susan Wyndham (Picador).